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  • 10 Things Never to Say to a Homeschooler

    Each walk of life comes with its own round of questions and comments.   High school graduates are asked where they are going to college and what their major will be. Newlyweds are asked when they will begin procreation. Pregnant women are asked their due date, the baby’s gender, and how much weight they’ve gained.  (Are you SURE it’s not twins?!).

    As homeschoolers we encounter a lot of curious folks and are frequently subjected to shocked looks and interrogation.  I know that we’ve made an unusual choice and many people are unfamiliar with homeschooling.  I don’t mind curiosity.  Go right ahead and ask me questions.  But, ask because you’re genuinely interested, and not because you think I’m nuts and want to prove it to yourself. Some things are rude and intrusive and some are best unsaid. For example:

    10.  “You look so normal.” Implying that they expected a denim jumper, white socks, tennis shoes, and ten pajama clad children clustered around the dining table practicing for the National Spelling Bee.

    9.  “I don’t have enough patience to homeschool.” Neither do I. Seriously. I just trust that if God calls you to homeschool, as He did me, He’ll help you with patience, as He does …